A Simple Way to Brighten Each Day

Ever since I lived in Eng­land many years ago, I’ve loved hav­ing fresh flow­ers in my home. While liv­ing there, even though the cost of liv­ing was higher than state side, pur­chas­ing flow­ers was an inex­pen­sive treat that I rel­ished in.

FlowersI haven’t had flow­ers reg­u­larly in years, until this past year. I now pur­chase flow­ers from my local gro­cery store on clear­ance each week. Here’s the secret (at least for Kroger fam­ily of stores). My store, marks down flow­ers and places them at the back of the flo­ral area. Most of the time, they mark down beau­ti­ful flow­ers to $.50 or $.99 a bunch. Here’s an image of flow­ers I pur­chased for $.99. These lasted for almost 10 days.

Hav­ing fresh flow­ers to look at through­out the day is just a really sim­ple way to bring some easy joy into our lives. Check out your local store and see what you can find. Share with all of us here.

Hanna Andersson has come to Cincinnati!

photo 3Can I get a woot from any­one in the ‘Nati? Oh, how I wish this store had come to town years ago. It’s prob­a­bly bet­ter for my pocket book that they didn’t, but I’m happy to see such a qual­ity children’s cloth­ing store hit our town. I got to go tonight for a spe­cial early shop­ping event. It was packed! The store was gor­geous! and it was a blast in a weird shop­ping frenzy kind of way (only a woman would be appre­ci­ate to appre­ci­ate that sentence!).

Hanna Ander­s­son has been around for years, and they know how to make great children’s clothes. And women’s cloth­ing too. I wore my “vin­tage” Hanna Ander­s­son dress that I’ve been wear­ing every sum­mer since my old­est was a lit­tle girl. Cough. That would be numer­ous years ago. It still looks like new, and I get com­pli­ments when­ever I wear it.

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A Quick Afternoon Stop in Detroit

Detroit River, Belle Isle, Detroit MIMy girl is now old enough to go away to camp. EEK. Well, tech­ni­cally, she’s been old enough for a few years, but she wan’t ready and by golly nei­ther was I, until this sum­mer. We spent time and effort pick­ing what we hope is the per­fect camp (I’ll know when we go to pick her back up this Sunday).

Because it was more than just a few hours away, and I’m a freak for time­li­ness, I wanted us to head up a day early. So that’s what we did. Grow­ing up I spent every sum­mer in the UP of Michi­gan on vaca­tion. Head­ing north on I-75 was just what we did. But, we never went through Detroit. Always, always, always around it. Call me kookie, but I’ve always wanted to visit the motor city. Actu­ally, I’ve wanted to visit the Henry Ford Museum for many years. We couldn’t fit that in this trip, but I per­son­ally enjoyed get­ting to see the city. I think the same can apply to Patrick, not so sure about the kids.

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